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    SomnoplastyTM/SM - a new treatment for patients who SNORE. It is a low-power, low-temperature radio frequency used to shrink tissue in the soft palate. Over 8-12 weeks, the treated tissue is naturally removed by the body, reducing the volume and stiffening the area responsible for your snoring. This procedure is also used to relieve chronic nasal obstruction and obstructive sleep apnea.
    CoblationTM - Are you tired of having your sleep disrupted each night because your snoring sounds like stampeding bulls? Then you're not alone. Over 45% of all adults snore occasionally and 25% of adults snore consistently, making it hard for hundreds of thousands of households across the country to sleep.
    Laser Skin Resurfacing - a procedure which corrects the effects of the sun, wind and time for a softer, smoother healthier looking skin.
    Facial Surgery - a BROWLIFT can tighten loose skin, remove excess forehead wrinkles and correct drooping eyelids, MID-FACELIFT can significantly reduce wrinkles, sagging skin or a depressed appearance in the cheeks, NECKLIFT is performed to significantly reduce the appearance of sagging skin under the jaw.
    Eyelid Surgery - Patients will have a softer more youthful look to their faces.
    Cheek and Chin Implants - provides a more vibrant and attractive look of distinction. This procedure can also benefit those with asymmetries or congenital defects.
    Dental Implants - Implants can be used to replace missing teeth in all areas of the mouth, including molars.  They can be used to better support your existing denture.
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